Remember When A Handshake Meant Something?

Our Promise, Your Security

Provlnsure provides comprehensive coverage and exceptional risk management services backed by a knowledgeable staff committed to unwavering honesty, trust, and integrity. Our independent insurance agency was founded in 1995 on this promise and the belief a handshake has merit. Meet the Team

Products & Services

With ProvInsure you have access to a wide range of insurance products at the lowest achievable cost. We ensure you receive the best desirable value for every dollar spent on specially-tailored programs that cover your individual business needs and prepare you for tomorrow’s challenges. We proudly serve every client with an outstanding level of dedication and assistance. Our promise toward your security is in our handshake.

Provlnsure provides comprehensive coverage to clients world-wide and in a variety of workplace environments ranging from family-owned businesses to multinational corporations, spanning all types of industries. With access to the most competitive insurance companies, Provlnsure works with you to reduce your total cost of risk.

An insurance policy alone cannot prevent a devastating property loss, third-party liability suit, or an employee from becoming injured on the job. Provlnsure’s risk management services can help your company prevent and prepare for costly incidents through a variety of agency services and solutions.

For most employers, the benefits package plays a significant role in attracting and retaining top talent. It can be one of the most challenging aspects of running a business. We take pride in understanding the client’s unique culture while following industry trends and embracing the proper technology to suit your needs. The combination of these processes allows us to design competitive benefits packages that are attractive to you and your top talent.

In conjunction with our Employee Benefits offerings, ProvInsure also provides an active role in Employee Benefits Education. Over the years, we have found that the key to decreasing overall health cost is to educate employees in the importance of preventative care as well as to provide them with the tools to become better consumers of their health plans.

RosenCare, an onsite patient-centered medical home model, is based on four tenets: Access, Quality, Service, and Cost. Each provides solutions to common healthcare pain points businesses and organizations face. Those pain points, born of the turbulent healthcare landscape in the United States, have serious consequences on our workforce and their families. The RosenCare solution is straightforward and has profound, long lasting benefits. Protect your most valuable investment—your associates, your extended family—with common sense, affordable healthcare that has NO deductibles.

Laurie R.

ProvInsure is truly a strategic partner with us and our employees. From our wellness programs, compliance, safety, employee education, to handling various insurance claims, ProvInsure has our back. They are the first call that we make and they are here whenever we need them.

Laurie R.

Harris Rosen

ProvInsure really thinks outside the box. Through their innovative risk management, the premiums we pay today are a fraction of what our competitors pay, and they also provide world-class service.

Harris Rosen

Gene G.

ProvInsure exemplifies all the characteristics of a true business partner. They are the most knowledgeable, reliable, and honest insurance agency I have ever done business with. Whether it’s helping us navigate through the health insurance world, keeping our employees safe at work, or interpreting policy verbiage, I can always rely on ProvInsure to be there for me when I need them.

Gene G.

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