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    Onsite/Nearsite Medical Clinics

    Providing superior healthcare at a fraction of the national healthcare average cost may sound too good to be true, but this is what you’ll find when you partner with Rosen Healthcare Solutions. Our track record is proof that your organization’s total healthcare cost and annual trend can be significantly reduced. Trend is that painful punch you feel every year when you renew your health insurance contract; the annual percentage that continues to increase at three times that of wages. While national healthcare costs increase at close to double digits, our clients costs have remained relatively flat for the past five years. For every dollar an employer invests in the Rosen Healthcare Solutions model, it will achieve a significant return on investment.

    The centerpiece of the Rosen Healthcare Solutions model is its comprehensive primary care, however a large focus is placed on the organization’s entire healthcare costs. U.S Congressman Frank Pallone, Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Health, and Congressman Alan Grayson both toured the Orlando Rosen Healthcare Solutions Medical Center and studied it closely. Chairman Pallone is convinced that our model could play a role in overhauling the entire national healthcare system. After touring the facility Congressman Alan Grayson said that this health care model “could save the nation one trillion dollars annually.”

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